Ramayan The Legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana, the journey of Rama, authored by sage Valmiki is an ekakavya. This great epic narrates the life of Rama from his childhood to coronation. The adventures in the forest, valor, virtues, battles between the demons. It has all the aesthetic essence of emotions such as romance, compassion,
humor, Awe, fright and disgust.


Bala Kanda – King Dasaratha’s Sacrifice – The Story of Rsyasrnga – The Performance of Putrakamesti Yaga – Lord Agni’s Boon – Birth of Rama – The Education of Rama With Vasista – Adventures of Rama And Lakshmana With Visvamitra – Rama Kills Tataki – Slaying of Marica And Subahu – Rama Lifts The Shiva Bow – The Marriage of Rama

Ayodhya Kanda – Dasaratha’s Promises To Kaikeyi – Story of Shravana And The Blind Parents – The Exile of Rama, Sita And Lakshmana – Bharatha And Shatrugna’s Plea For Rama’s Come Back

Aranya Kanda – The Adventures In The Forest – Surpanaka’s Proposal – The Battle Between Rama And Kara, Dusana – Surpanaka Plan To Abduct Sita By Ravana – Sita’s Desire For The Golden Deer – Sita’s Abduction By Ravana – Fight of Jatayu With Ravana Search For Sita – The Slaying of Kabanda – Rama Visits Shabari

Kishkinda Kanda – Hanuman Meets Rama And Lakshmana – Rama And Sugriva Agreement – The Test For Rama By Sugriva – Vali’s Banishes Sugriva – Rama Kills Vali – Sugriva’s Coronation – The Search of Sita By Vanaras

Sundara Kanda – Hanuman’s Search For Sita – Hanuman Kills Lankini – Hanuman Finds Sita – Hanumans Battle In Ashoka Vatika – Killing of Aksha – Hanuman Burns Lanka – Hanuman Conveys Sita’s Message To Rama.

Yuddha Kanda – Vibhisana’s Advice To Ravana – Banishment of Vibhisana – The Samudra’s Support – The Construction of Bridge – The Battle Between Vanaras And Rakshasas – Lakshmana’s Fainting – Hanumans Brings Sanjivi Hill – The Death of Indrajit – Slaying of Kumbakarna – The Death of Ravana – Coronation of Vibishana – Sita’s Agnipravesam – Return To Ayodhya – Coronation of Rama .