Indian Coinage Book

I have published several books on Numismatics, Notaphily and Indian Temple Architecture. Below are books and details

Indian Coinage 2023-24 British India Portuguese India Republic India (1835-2024) 10th Edition

Indian Coinage British India – Portuguese India – Republic India (1835 – 2024), 10th Edition, is a complete guidebook cum Checklist for Numismatist. This edition is updated up to date and enhanced version of former editions. This book is drafted to be a supporting guide to numismatist in identifying rare coins and its average market value. Keen study has been made by surveying and interacting with various coin sellers and numismatists from different parts of the country. This book is classified into three major Parts, British India, Portuguese India & Republic India coins. British India Coins comprises coins issued by the British, during their rule in India between 1835 and 1947. Portuguese India coins comprise of coins issued between 1871 – 1961. Republic India comprises of coins issued by the Government of India after India became Republic. It comprise of Definitive Issues, Commemorative Issue, Proof Sets and UNC Sets,